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002: The Pilot

Title: The Pilot
Author: aurey09
Rating: g
Summary: Wash accepts the job on Serenity.
Characters: Wash, Mal and Zoe
Prompt: 002: Over

 Wash had often been passed over as a kid. He was the middle child, out of five. He wasn't the worst behavioured, not by any means, but he wasn't the golden child either – he'd lack both praise and scoldings growing up. He supposed, he had been the funny one. Not that it helped him through life, doors got slammed in his face, just as everyone else's, the only difference was he laughed it off. Then he got his pilot licences, and become somebody people noticed.

They said there was nobody better behind a boat's controls than him, he wasn't sure who 'they' were but they sure were complimentary, and who was he to argue. Ships Captains' were clamoring to have him on their crews, which only increased Wash's confidence. He'd learned, with his credentials, he could afford to be picky; he'd been keeping Renshaw on tenterhooks for months now – Wash hadn't liked the ship, it had no heart.

Serenity was a different matter, here was a vessel with potential. It had something beyond its mere circuitry, it had a soul. A lesser pilot would have missed it, would have been wrapped up in searching for something with a fresh out of a factor gleam to it.

“So, you'll take the job, then?” Malcolm Reynolds asked.

“I guess that I will,” Wash said.

Mal clasped Wash's hand, before giving it a firm shake. “I'm happy to have you on board.”

“I can hardly wait to see what this ship can do, once we get her back in the air, where she belongs.” Wash said, both smiled realising they shared in their affections for the Firefly. Their grins soon faltered, when Zoe strode off the bridge without another word.

“Sorry about that. Zoe's, well... she ain't easily won over, and I wouldn't hold your breath on it. But I can assure you won't regret picking Serenity, she's a fine ship.”

“That she is.” Wash agreed.



Jun. 19th, 2007 05:22 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you decided to click onto my firefly fic. Wash and Zoe were a couple all the way through the series, we only got to see them once prior to their marriage, in a short flash back, and she took an initial dislike to him.

Thank you for pointing out the mistake, I always prefer to know when there’s something wrong, so then I can go fix it. :-)