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Filk: Space Shanties

Title: The Firefly Serenity
Author: tmoh 
Rating: G/K
Summary: A filk about Serenity herself, to the tune of "The Bonnie Ship the Diamond."
Character(s): Serenity, Mal, Jayne
Author's Notes: This is the first entry in my Space Shanties series--a collection of Firefly filk to the tunes of traditional folk songs and sea shanties.
Written originally for: Myself!

Serenity's a ship, my boys
For the border worlds she's bound
With all her shiny crew aboard
And her holds all loaded down
Captain Reynolds gives the order
To sail the whole 'verse wide
Where the sun it never sets, my boys
And darkness fills the sky

And it's cheer up my lads
Let your faith never lack
For the Firefly Serenity
Goes sailin' through the black

We'll land upon Persephone
Our goods there for to fence
And if today's our lucky day
There a new job to commence
And if instead we run afoul
Of some who'd do us harm
We'll fight like hell to save our own
Thankin' God we travel armed

Here's a health to the Independents
Likewise to the man called Jayne
Here's a health to those who've gone afore
And to those what still remain
We wear the pistols at our sides
And the long coats of the brown
From the shining chrome of Ariel
To the docks at old Eavesdown

Now we'll not bide long planetside
'Fore the old girl's gone again
Our home's out there among the stars
Where all the planets spin
And if you ask us why we go
Far beyond the reach of wave
It's not just for the money, boys—
We aim to misbehave!

Title: Eavesdown Docks
Author: tmoh 
Rating: PG/K+
Summary: A filk to the tune of "Shores of Botany Bay"...about Badger.
Character(s): Badger
Written originally for: Myself!

I was a lad of fifteen years
When first I thought to roam
Out on the streets of Dyton
No more I'd make me home
I swore someday I'd take me leave
Of the old school of hard knocks
I'd take a trip on an emigrant ship
That's bound for Eavesdown Docks

Farewell to your streets of cobbles
Farewell to your gaslamps, too
Farewell to your jailers and jailhouse
To hell with your whole damn moon
For in the port's a spaceship
She's fillin' up her stocks
And if I can't pay then I'll have to stow away
'Cause I'm bound for Eavesdown Docks

The coppers they caught up to me
And took me clean away
Down to that hell they called a jail
For a gorram six-month stay
And when they'd had enough of me
They opened up the locks
And I told 'em straight I was gonna emigrate
Off-world to Eavesdown Docks

And when I reached Perseph'ne
Right quick I found me place
I'd make me fortune off the boats
A-comin' in from space
And them as tried to keep me down
The lot I soon outfoxed
Now they're all dead or else they've fled
From my turf on Eavesdown Docks

The best years of me life I've spent
Servin' ships of every line
I'm a right successful businessman
Down to me hat so fine
Now I outrank all the gentry
That musta been a shock
On account of me from the Colony
Is the king of Eavesdown Docks

Title: Returning to Serenity
Author: tmoh 
Rating: PG/K+
Summary: Inara's version of "The Leaving of Liverpool," set during the BDM.
Character(s): Inara, Mal
Written originally for: Myself!

Farewell to you, dear friends and crew
That's all I had to say
I thought I'd leave their ways for good
But we all knew I'd return someday

So fare thee well, Companions all
For I'm returning to Serenity
It's not the leaving this life behind that grieves me
But, my captain, when I think of thee

I have shipped on the Browncoat Firefly
Serenity's her name
And Reynolds is the captain of her
And some call her a flying shame

I have shipped with Malcolm Reynolds once before
And I think that I know him well
For if he calls you crew you can get along
If not, you're in a flying Hell

But trouble has caught up with me
On this moon I can't remain
It's back to that old boat I must go
Into the black again

Title: Our Witch River
Author: tmoh 
Rating: PG/K+
Summary: The plot of "Safe" set, with some artistic license, to the tune of "The Irish Rover."
Character(s): River, Simon, Mal, Wash, Zoe, Kaylee, Jayne, Inara, Book, Badger
Author's Notes:
Written originally for: Myself!

In the year of Our Lord twenty-five seventeen
We took off from Perseph'ne again
We were sailing away with a cargo of beef
For to carry on down to Jiangyin
Well, my rusty old boat, she was barely afloat
But oh, how the whole crew loved her
She'd survived angry Feds, getting torn half to shreds
And a child prodigy called River

There was Wash at the helm and the bridge was his realm
There was Zoe, his wife and First Mate
There was young Kaylee Frye, kept our ship in the sky
And the hero of Canton called Jayne
We'd Inara along, though she hardly belonged
And a Shepherd, our souls to deliver
And that damn Doctor Tam, from the Core Worlds he cam'
And with him was his sister River

We had one million tons of that fine Canton mud
We had two million guns from the war
We had three million hills worth of St. Lucy's pills
We had four million stamped protein bars
We had five million cows and six million ploughs
And seven million apples for Badger
We had eight million dolls with the heads that wobbles
And we'd one crazy girl called River

We'd not been in port fifteen minutes before
Local hillfolk made off with our Doc
And he had to make do without help from the crew
For that's when the Shepherd got shot
But them hillfolk got mad, vowed to burn out the bad
Built a pyre for Little Sister
We turned round right away, Big Damn Heroes saved the day
And the life of our own witch, River